Being shuttered for 14 weeks and reopening with limitations, sadly, at this time I cannot offer the same free, drop in movie day as before.  However, I miss seeing everyone's smiles.  I have also heard that many individuals are also missing their movies as well!  So, I hope with some pre-planning we can reinvent how we do things so everyone who would like to, can still enjoy their movie experience.


Private screenings (Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays) for up to 30 people per auditorium to maintain physical distancing.  To make this financially viable at this time, the minimum for a private screening is $200.  The $200 can be made up from admission and/or concession orders.  Groups will be responsible for collecting money from individuals and paying the theatre in one transaction (cash is accepted)

Admission:  $5.00/individual (support free with Access 2 Card)

Concession:  Special (small Drink & Small Popcorn) - $5.00

Special (Small Drink, Small Popcorn & Small Candy) - $7.00

All other Concession items at regular theatre Prices

What To Expect:

When you book your groups private screening, you will pre-order all concession items as well.  Theatre staff will prepare and put all items into baskets, labelled for each 'bubble' or individual.  Items can then be collected upon arrival, before proceeding to your pre-assigned, socially distanced, pre-sanitized seats.  Washrooms will be opened and pre-sanitized before arrival, with cleaning supplies available if staff would like to sanitize between individual use.

Please visit for all other Covid-19 measures and email with any other questions or concerns.

Small Groups:

Small groups may also want to attend, but have a hard time putting together the minimum ($200) booking.  Please contact and the theatre will try and coordinate with other individuals and/or small groups to make your movie day possible as well.


Anything currently showing at Cottonwood 4 Cinemas.

Thank you Cottonwood 4 Cinemas!


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